Loyalty reward program app feature that can be customized for different clients. Allows users to check-in, leave reviews, and upload photos to earn progress toward a reward set by the client. 
Interactive map for a wine trail that is capable of 2 different views, sort & filter, and also save favorite places.
Prototype for a mood tracking/diary function for a clinic's app. This was later repurposed for other functions and marketed as a general tracking tool suitable for a wide range of clients.
App feature that allows users to experience a wine-tasting experience digitally. Review each wine in a set list, write tasting notes, view each wine's profile as well as intro video, and view past tastings.
Prototype for a fitness course in a fitness app. Worked with app success manager, client, and developer to make sure design, layout, and functions were in line.
Layout app prototypes in Sketch for new and existing clients while following brand guidelines and adhering to the limitations of the company's proprietary app platform (header image top, full-width buttons, default button styling...).
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